These compositions, along with some of my other dance compositions can be found on my two DVD's. You can purchase these DVD's by visiting my store.

A Jig For Julie

Julie and I were enjoying listening to Charlie Lennon's tune 'A Smile for Síle'. I was joking that I'd have to compose 'A Jig for Julie', little knowing that the tune would present itself a couple of weeks later following a bicycle trip around the scenic back-roads of Leitrim Village and Cootehall in County Leitrim. I think this jig is nearly as elegant as the lady in question !!

Ben Lennon's Bow Hand

Fiddle player Ben Lennon from Kiltyclogher in North Leitrim has a particular bowing style for jig playing; old tunes like 'The Geese in the Bog' come to mind. A tight, hoppy rhythm, championed by the North Connacht greats such as Coleman and Kiloran, it's a style that you don't hear too often these days. This tune; composed to pay tribute to the unique lift in Ben's playing; lends itself to this jaunty, jig style.